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Children’s Dentistry

Kids Dentistry in East Berlin PAWe Celebrate Our Youngest Patients

Our special Kids’ Days are held four times a year, and each has a different theme. It’s a party atmosphere all day, while children who are 8 years old and younger come in to get their teeth cleaned during the fun. Every member of our team dresses up in costume, and all the children are invited to do the same. Crackers the Clown entertains and paints faces. In addition to prizes and decorations, we take lots of pictures! Our top priority is to give every child positive memories of their dental visits, which will help them grow up without fear of the dentist. Every patient is an individual at East Berlin Smiles. We get to know everyone personally and promise to always provide an attentive, caring team who delivers your dental care with enthusiasm and friendliness as well as exceptional comfort

Choose Your Child’s Dentist with the Same Care You Choose Their Pediatrician

Childrens Dental Care in East Berlin PAThe team at East Berlin Smiles believes that dental care is as important as medical care. Your children need to develop good habits early so they will have a lifetime of good oral health. If we provide an environment that’s fun and comfortable, the easier it is to teach them these habits and give them happy, healthy smiles.

Children have difficulty brushing well by themselves, so we stress the importance of parents being involved in their child’s daily dental care to ensure thorough cleaning with consistent, proper dental habits they’ll take with them through life. Kids Day East Berlin Smiles Dental CenterAnother challenge to the dental health of little kids is how they eat. Grazing, or frequent small helpings throughout the day, prolongs exposure to acid because your body produces it every time you eat. If teeth are not as clean as they should be, even more acid exposure occurs. This can increase the risk of cavities, sometimes dramatically.

The good news is that improving hygiene and dietary habits, plus the application of a fluoride varnish to the mineralizing teeth, can significantly reduce the chance of your child having a cavity. Sealants may also be recommended!


Banishing Fear with Fun, Compassionate Care

Family Dentistry in East Berlin PAChildren love visiting East Berlin Smiles because we make our office a happy, relaxed place to visit every day. Too many adults have stories of unpleasant dental experiences when they were kids. We want to prevent those stories for our patients! We are very proud of our team’s compassion and gentleness and their ability to teach good dental habits that serve as a foundation for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. But good children’s dentistry isn’t just about the kids. We also pride ourselves on helping parents learn how to care for their kids’ teeth at home.

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