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Cosmetic Dentistry

Get an Advance Look at Your New Smile!Smile Makeover Dentistry East Berlin PA

We have the ability to show you what can be done with your teeth and smile before you even start treatment, using computer imaging. Digital images of your teeth and gums can be altered in many different ways, resulting in your new smile. What better way to visualize your treatment goal?



Missing Teeth? They Can Be Replaced!

Missing teeth can be more problematic than you might think. Besides causing difficulty with chewing and making you self-conscious about your smile, a missing tooth can cause other teeth to shift, and bone loss can even alter your appearance. But we can provide a great solution – dental implant restoration! After a titanium post is placed by a surgeon, Dr. Cockley custom-creates a natural-looking restoration that looks like it’s coming up through the gums, just like the original tooth. Because it’s anchored in the jaw it will function just like the rest, and it will look so natural, no one will be able to tell the difference!



Making Over Your Smile…in Only Two Visits!Dental Veneers Dentist East Berlin PA

A great smile can be marred by gaps, staining, and crooked or oddly shaped teeth. One answer could be porcelain veneers. These thin coverings bond to your teeth in a way that looks very natural, and they’re made from advanced dental ceramic. We also are very pleased to offer DURAthin™ veneers that are as thin as a contact lens and as translucent as real teeth. The superb thinness means less preparation is required, and anesthesia may not even be necessary!

Want Dentures that Fit Better?Dentures Dentist East Berlin PA

The biggest complaint we hear from denture-wearers is how often their dentures move around or shift out of place. Our solution is to design dentures that are natural-looking and fit so well they won’t slip! What some call a “breakthrough” in denture technique involves the ability to anchor the denture plate so securely that you can stop worrying about the foods you eat or the embarrassment of moving dentures when talking to someone. If you wear dentures now, ask us about your options at your next visit. Your life could be so much easier!

Brightening Your SmileTeeth Whitening Dentist East Berlin PA

Many people would like teeth that dazzle. When they’re whiter, teeth look healthier. It’s easier to make this happen than many people think. Achieving your smile’s whitest look is only possible with a bleaching process that’s professionally supervised. East Berlin Smiles is pleased to offer our patients a combination of in-office power whitening and take-home trays for maximum effectiveness.

Or you could choose a take-home tray only option. We provide the supplies and instructions and you complete the process to whiten your smile in the privacy of your own home. This effective, safe procedure can bring you dazzling results in just 1 – 14 days!

Framing Your Beautiful Smile

Botox Treatment Dentist East Berlin PAA beautiful smile is a great gift, and it can be even better if you could remove age lines and wrinkles. Do you have crow’s feet or stress lines on your forehead? Erasing them could take only one visit with BOTOX™ treatment. BOTOX can temporarily improve the look of moderate and even severe frown lines across your forehead, between your eyebrows, and next to your eyes.

Juvederm Treatment Dentist East Berlin PAYouthful contours can also be returned to the skin with the use of Juvéderm™. This cosmetic filler is FDA-approved. Once Juvéderm is injected into the skin, folds and creases are softened, areas where volume has been lost gain new support, or specific facial areas regain contour. Your comfort may be maximized with the use of local anesthetic during the procedure. Call us today to see if you could benefit from these treatments.


Schedule a complimentary consultation by calling (717) 259-9596, and discover how cosmetic solutions and teeth whitening can give you a brilliant new smile!


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